Friday, January 9, 2009

Fat Burnin' Friday - 1/9

In the past, I have attempted to lose weight. The one thing that I have learned is that accountability goes a long way to helping me maintain my focus. When I know that I have to weigh in and/or report out to others how I am doing, I don't want to have to admit complete failure. It's okay to say, I had an oops, but I recovered and got back on track, but not okay to say, I gave up completely.

So, since I stumbled across MommySnacks last Friday and saw that she posted about her success and challenges and invited others to share, that this would be something for me to try. Maybe the accountability of sharing my successes and challenges would help me maintain my focus. I hope to put up a post each Friday, not only with feedback on how I did that week, but also to share with you challenges I face and what has or has not worked for me in the past/present. Shared motivation can help us all get where we would like to be.

I weighed myself on New Year's Day. It has been just over a week now and I haven't been overly diligent or kept track of everything I have ate, but coming off the holiday eating fest and trying to be more conscientious in my choices has allowed me to start to drop a couple of pounds. I will base my target off of my New Year's morning weight (do you use morning or evening?). This is really more of an intermediate target. I could stand to lose more than this, but have found that setting a series of smaller goals is also easier to motivate towards. As you reach a target, have a mini-celebration and head forward to the next. Setting your target too high can make it seem insurmountable.

Pounds lost to date: 5#
Pounds to go: 28#


Andrea @ Mommy said...

I think it's great that you will add in the challenges too. The reality is we all have them and there might be a thing someone has learned to help another person get through it.

Thanks for joining in on this! Good luck this week :-)