Friday, January 23, 2009

Fat Burnin' Friday - 1/23

Another week has come and gone. It simply amazes me how quickly time passes. Sometimes I think one of my biggest challenges in weight loss is time. I feel like I am constantly on the go and constantly trying to catch up.

As I'm busy running around, I have found that one thing I can do to help my weight loss cause is to keep myself hydrated. I once read somewhere that people frequently will confuse thirst for hunger. What? It sounds strange, but they say that sometimes you think you are hungry when in fact your body is just dehydrated. Not only that, but I have also read that if you find yourself hungry and tempted by a treat, drink a glass of water - it will "fill" you up and can help you get beyond the temptation. I do find that if I drink water before a meal, that I am less likely to overeat. The water takes up volume in the stomach, triggering that full feeling sooner. Another added benefit of proper hydration is your skin is much smoother and less dry.

How do I make sure I stay hydrated? I start my day by drinking a small glass of juice or milk. I then fill a large cup with water that I drink on my drive into work. When I get to work, I fill the cup back up with water. Keeping a cup of water at my desk allows me to sip at it all day. Usually, I have finished that cup by lunch, where I fill it back up. After lunch, I take another full cup of water back to my desk for afternoon sipping. Then, I usually try to take some water for the drive home.

And, there in lies my challenge. When I am at my desk at work, it is easy, the water is right there and I just drink it. But, when I have a super busy day at work or am at home on the weekends, I don't find the time to drink my water. Without that constant companion, I find that I actually get to a point where I am thirsty. If I stop to drink, I can usually drink a couple of cups, but sometimes I forget to stop. I start to mistake that thirst for hunger and begin to nibble.

I probably need to start keeping a cup on the counter at home with water. At least then, when I see it, I might stop and take a sip. I know that keeping hydrated is important and I do my best to drink the recommended water daily. I also try to avoid caffeinated drinks, which I hear actually serve to dehydrate you and that is why you can only count some of a caffeinated drink in your daily recommended intake.

Pounds lost to date: 7#
Pounds to go: 26#


Delores said...

I am not as good about drinking the water but have definitely found that keeping the cup on the counter in the kitchen helps. Plus, I force myself to drink at least 24 oz. before I will allow myself a second cup of coffee -- because there is no way I am giving that up!

Good job on the weight loss!

MarciaBrady said...

Hi...congrats on your weight loss!!

I also have the same problem in staying hydrated at home! I find I get so busy, sometimes I don't drink anything for several hours and then all of the sudden, I'm dying of thirst. OK...not dying, but that's how it feels.

When I'm at work, I also keep a 32 oz cup of water at my desk. I find I can easily drink 64oz to 96 oz while I'm at work. I've also started carrying a large covered container of water with me to have on my hour long journey to work and then again back home.

I read the same thing in the 7 Pillars of Health, about water that is. I guess since we're made up of 2/3 water, it makes sense that we try to drink as much water as possible.

Good Luck with your continued weight loss!