Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Brach's Candy Corn

Okay, if you haven't figured it out, I am a candy fiend. That's probably why I have to worry about my weight. When it comes to candy though, not just any old candy will do - I have standards.

Candy Corn has always been one of my favorite treats, but I learned early on that the one's made with honey (like Brach's) are the best. They are smoother or creamier or something and they just have a better taste. I have bought the "cheaper" versions and blah! - they were not worth the savings. I definitely splurge now and only buy Brach's Candy Corn. And, while we are on the subject - Candy Corn, not Indian Corn. Something about that chocolate or whatever the black section is, doesn't work for me. Candy Corn is one of my favorite treats in the fall - although, now I stock up post holiday (when it is 50% off!) so that I can savor them into the winter and spring.

My first real "candy corn memory" was from high school. A friend and I went to a youth group event and when we arrived, it was just the two of us. We decided to still do something, so she drove us over to the local grocery store (local to where we were, not home). We bought 1/2 gallon of Apple Cider and a large bag of Brach's Candy Corn. It was a great fall combination - if you can handle the sugar rush. We didn't have any cups, so we went through a drive through and ordered a small fry or biscuit or something really cheap like that and a cup of water. We headed to Charleston Falls Preserve (a local park, check out the pictures) and went for a walk. We dumped out the water, so that we could use the cup to share Apple Cider. We had a great time that evening, doing a whole lot of nothing, just walking (more like meandering), talking and giggling. To this day, when I enjoy Brach's Candy Corn, I am reminded of that experience.

I've already purchased something like 4 bags of candy corn this year. Yum! Of course, with watching what I eat, I do have to limit myself to 20 pieces (one serving, which has 150 calories - 3 points!) so I really have learned to savor it when I have it.

Do you have a favorite candy or candy memory? Share it in the comments or post a link to your story on your blog.


BWoz said...

My favorite candy is candy canes! I LOVE anything mint-and a candy cane tops the list. I can't wait until they start stocking them in stores, and even better-after the holidays when they go on clearance for 10 cents!!! Yay!

(I'm with ya on the candy corn versus Indian corn - the chocolate or whatever is just wrong! lol)

BusyMom said...

Brook - I love mint, but just have never gotten into candy canes...in fact, I have a jar with 10 from last Christmas still in my pantry.

JeannaMO said...

Definitely Brachs is the only way to go on candy corn. Just biting makes me feel ready for fall. Also, we love to eat ours with roasted peanuts. Tastes like a Payday! As if we need any additional reasons to eat candy corn. I also love those little orange pumpkins! Yummy!