Tuesday, October 13, 2009

CVS Deals - 10/12

I made a stop on Monday at CVS so that I could get a refund for the two extra boxes of cones I was charged for on Friday. Of course, they were out of the carving kit, but I learned that pretty much all of the bagged candy in the Halloween section, not just that featured in the ad, is included on the candy deal - including the candy corn! I have a whole new set of coupons to consider now. I likely will pick up some for the chocolate tin I fill for my dad at Christmas.

Transaction #1
2 - Candy Corn
1 - Halloween Nylon Bag

Total $1.96, paid $2 with money from return (so like no cost) and earned $.99 ECB.

I did grab a rain check for the carving kit, on the off chance that I find it at another store after Tuesday.

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