Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tinted Moisturizer

I have never been one to wear much makeup. Sure, I have been using blush and lipstick since about high school, but it took me years to use up the foundation I purchased for my wedding day.

I liked the fact that foundation created a smooth, even tone for my complexion, I just didn't like the look and feel of foundation. It always seemed thick to me and I worried that it looked as heavy as it felt on my face. I worried about whether I had successfully blended away the edges. I can remember in high school a friend that would always seem to have her foundation on the collars of her coat. This just turned me off to foundation - who wanted that.

It wasn't a big deal for much of my adult life anyways. I worked on the production floor for many years, wearing steel toe boots and gear. Working in a production facility, especially in the summer, when the temperatures were high (heat outside + production equipment heat = hot!!), it wasn't reasonable to even wear foundation most days. So, I pretty much only wore makeup on the weekend and then, only when I had plans. (Of course, for the past couple of years, I have worked in an office and feel like I needed something.)

Well, once I started this blog, I had a couple of opportunities to try tinted moisturizers (free after ECBs, product trial/giveaway opportunities). I really liked the products. They were easy to apply and went on smooth. They offered a moisturizer and a sunscreen feature, and at the same time, they helped give my face a nice, smooth, even finish. With them being part of my moisturizer, I felt like the edges blended away easily and I also didn't feel like the moisturizers were heavy on my face.

Unfortunately, tinted moisturizers are not on deal very often. What is on deal frequently is foundation. So, I decided to adapt. Now, I use my regular moisturizer, first applying a base of lotion to my face. Then, I dab on foundation and before smoothing it in, I dab on lotion adjacent to each dab of foundation. Then, I smooth it on. By using this technique, I feel like I can get a smooth, even coverage without using as much foundation. This leaves it feeling lighter on my face.

By mixing moisturizer with foundation, on my face, I feel like I get the benefits of the tinted moisturizer without the cost and this works for me. For more tips and tricks, check out Works For Me Wednesday.


Heather said...

Great minds think alike! I, however, just put a little of both in the palm of my hand and mix it with my finger before applying.