Friday, October 9, 2009

CVS Deals - 10/4

Wow! I can't believe it has already been almost a week since my stressful trip to CVS. I went on Sunday, as I had an e-mail coupon I wanted to use before it expired.

Transaction #1
1 - Dial Body Wash
1 - Colgate 360 Actiflex Toothbrush
2 - Boost

-$3 $3/$15 e-mail coupon
-$1 Dial Body Wash mfg coupon
-$1 Dial Body Wash CVS coupon
-$1 Colgate 360 mfg coupon
-$1 Boost CVS coupon
-$1 Boost CVS coupon
-$2 Boost Mfg coupon
-$2 Boost Mfg coupon

Paid with $7 ECB and $2.31 OOP. Earned $2 and $1 ECB.

Transaction #2
1 - Boost
3 - Benefiber Sticks
1 - Spree Roll
1 - Arizona Tea
1 - Neosporin Lip Therapy

-$5 $5/$25 CVS coupon
-$1 Boost CVS coupon
-$2 Boost Mfg coupon
-$2 Benefiber Mfg coupon
-$2 Benefiber Mfg coupon
-$2 Benefiber Mfg coupon
-$3 Benefiber CRT
-$2.89 Neosporin $3 IP, adjusted down

Paid with $9 ECBs and $6.98 OOP. Earned $10 and $10 ECBs.

The Benefiber sticks rang up at the wrong price. I didn't realize it until after I had walked out of the store. I went back in and of course, since I had paid with ECBs, they were having trouble doing a credit to me. What I don't understand is why they can't do a credit and purchase together on one transaction. They had to return all 3 and then resell all 3. So, they refunded me $20 something and then rerang the $20 something. Normally, stores can return something and then purchase against the credit instead of two transactions. Of course, in doing all of this they used up my second time to use the ECB deal on the Benefiber. The supervisor who rang the transaction told me to ask for her when I came in to do the second one...but they were out, so she wrote down her number and that I still had one left on my receipt and tore up the ECB.

In the end, still a good deal. I had to pick up somethings for my husband, since he was there and still, I spent $22.29 and have $20 in ECBs to roll. So, I got everything, including the tea and Spree for a net cost of $2.29.

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