Friday, October 9, 2009

Fat Burnin' Friday

As I continue on this weight loss journey, I am really loving the Weight Watchers eTools on my phone. We decided to go out to dinner with a friend on Saturday night. As we were driving to Red Lobster (husband loves endless Shrimp promo), I pulled up Red Lobster and was able peruse what type of points different meals would be, allowing me to make a smart choice. I even managed to avoid those wonderful garlic cheddar biscuits.

I did make some food choices that seemed reasonable at the time and turned out to be not as good as I hoped. I ate a lot of soup this week - rich, creamy soups. I had chicken tortilla soup one night for dinner - turns out it was not a great choice, using 25% of my daily points. Then, for lunch one day, we had a catered lunch and my favorite tomato bisque soup was on it - well, I had two bowls for about 50% of my daily points. These decisions caused me to tap into my weekly points earlier than planned, so I will have to be a little more selective this weekend.

I still haven't been able to get back into a regular exercise routine. I walk occasionally at lunch, but even that is far from routine with my busy schedule and the weather. I need to get myself back on target with getting to bed at a reasonable hour. Otherwise, I just don't have the ability to get myself out of bed early enough in the morning to exercise. Plus, I've discovered that I have a tendency to eat one more thing if I stay up later...not anything specific, I just feel like I need to eat something.

This week I attended my second Weight Watchers meeting. My loss at the meeting this week was 2.2# (3.6# total). The meetings are a great support. You hear from other members about their struggles and successes and the leader provides support and encouragement as well. It's funny, you hear a lot of the same quotes that I recall from a while back. "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels"; "If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got"

I love watching the show the Biggest Loser. It is inspiring. But, sometimes it can make my own journey a little frustrating. Here they are, losing 5 - 10 pounds per week, it makes me wonder why I am so slow...until I consider that they are under medical supervision and their job is to lose weight...if I had that type of time and attention, I could lose faster too.

Based on my Friday morning weigh in, I lost another 1.5# this week. In the end, I am happy to say that I now have only 32.5# to my target.