Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Whitman's Weight Watcher's Candies

I recently was invited to try a sample of Whitman's Weight Watcher Candies. The variety that I sampled was the Mint Patties.

The Mint Patties have a nice refreshing flavor and are covered in my favorite - dark chocolate. They are a one point item for those following Weight Watchers. The nutritional information on the package is actually provided for 3 pieces, but if you divide, you will see that each one has just over 50 calories each with about 3.5g of fat and 2g of fiber.

I also sampled the Double Chocolate Mousse candies while visiting my parents over the weekend. My mom had found them on sale and had them in her candy dish. They were a nice, rich, chocolaty indulgence.

With the Mint Patties, they do use sucralose. In general, I'm not a big fan of artificial sweeteners (even the natural ones), but with this product, I did not taste the sucralose like I do in many products. Reviewing the ingredient list, my guess is because there is still real sugar in there to, so the amount of sucralose is probably low.

It certainly is convenient knowing that I can just grab one candy and confidently know that there is just 1 point in it. I frequently find myself on a hunt for chocolate and these candies from Whitman's certainly make it easy to satisfy my need for chocolate while keeping myself on task for losing weight.

I will admit that they are a convenience item and that there are other chocolates, "regular" ones at that, that are also one or two points a piece, but as with 100 calorie packs - I buy them too - they are a safe, portioned snack that allow me to indulge, while maintaining control. Of course, like 100 calorie packs, you have to stop at one.

Have you tried any of the Whitman's Weight Watcher's Candies? What did you think? Share your thoughts or a link to your blog.

I did not receive any compensation for this post, but did receive a complimentary pack of Whitman's Weight Watcher Mint Patties to try and review.