Friday, October 16, 2009

Fat Burnin' Friday

It was another tough week (I'm starting to feel like that is always the case). I guess the good news is I persevered. It was a struggle, but I ultimately was able to report a loss for the week.

I traveled for work again this week. The travel overall wasn't a challenge, but I did manage to eat a full day's worth of food at one meal - at least it was lunchtime. I wasn't hungry the rest of the day, so it balanced out a little bit. It was a yummy meal, but I felt so stuffed and uncomfortable afterwards that had I to do it again, I would have certainly had more constraint and skipped some things - likely the overly sweet, rich bread pudding dessert.

We also had a goodie day at work - I am happy to report that I avoided it almost entirely. I skipped all of the baked goods and had a taste of some buffalo chicken dip on a cracker. My ability to avoid that makes me proud of myself, a few months ago and I likely would have grazed all day completely unaware of how much I was eating.

On the exercise front, I just haven't managed to get myself back into a schedule where I can get to bed at a decent time so I can get up and exercise in the morning. It also doesn't help that my daughter has decided that the day starts at 5:30. I need to make time for me and figure out how to get back on an earlier bedtime routine so I can get up and work out.

Speaking of me time, that was the theme of the meeting for Weight Watchers this week. It is so true, in order to succeed, you need me time. Without it, it becomes hard to plan your meals and shop for them, to calculate and track your points (or calorie intake), to exercise and such. All things that are important to successful weight loss on Weight Watchers. It was a good weigh in at Weight Watchers on Monday - I am happy to say that I lost 2.4#. That brings my weight loss on Weight Watchers to 6# total. Not too bad. I also crossed a decile, so my daily point allowance is decreased by one now. I think I really like that approach. I'm hoping that the reduction (about 350 calories per week) is enough to keep me from hitting the plateaus that I normally encounter in my weight loss journeys.

As I said, I did lose this week - 1# since last Friday. I now have 31.5# to go.

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kalea_kane said...

Good for you! I have a friend who has done so well with Weight Watchers. Way to go with cutting out the grazing possibilities for the sweets at work. THAT is tough!