Sunday, September 14, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

At our house, we don't eat breakfast or lunch together during the week, so there is minimal planning that goes into those meals. For us, it all focuses around dinner on the weekdays.

Sunday - Cereal and milk
Enchiladas, Mexican Rice

Chicken gravy over biscuits, vegetable


Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Dinner Out with Mom and Dad

#54 / Burritos

PB&J/Bologna sandwiches
Dinner out to celebrate our birthdays

Weekdays breakfast is at daycare for my daughter, the rest of us eat cold cereal, frozen waffles, oatmeal, toast or whatever strikes our fancy. Lunch we pack, usually leftovers for me. My son either packs or buys lunch at school. If he packs, it is generally a lunch meat sandwich or a PB&J with some sides.

My parents are coming to town for Grandparent's Day at school, so we will do dinner out with them one night. September is birthday month and we chose this Saturday to be our dinner out night to celebrate our birthdays. We don't generally exchange gifts, so this is our celebration.

#54 is the meal my husband orders at our Favorite Mexican Restaurant. I make a knock off version of it for him. The rest of us generally do burritos because his meal is a bit spicier than the kids prefer.

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HDMac said...

As a newbie, you are doing just great with your menu! :)

Anonymous said...

We are much the same with breakfasts and dinners.

Have a great week!

Tammi said...

You have a great sounding menu. Thanks for visiting my blog and the great tips. I had not been pre baking my crust so I will give that a try.

Brooke said...

the temperature is dropping here, so soup sounds like a good idea! :)